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Tarmac Repairs

Tarmac is relatively inexpensive to lay compared to block paving and imprinted concrete. However, it does tend to deteriorate faster than most other surfaces. As it dries out due to prolonged exposure to UV light it will lose colour and eventually 'crack up' in places. Up until now, expensive replacement of the tarmac has been the only option.

If this is starting to happen to your driveway, we may be able to help. With the new developments in coating existing tarmac surfaces we can restore, in most cases, tarmac back to what it looked like when first laid. We use a quality tarmac restorer from Smartseal that is far superior to tarmac paints which are commonly used in the UK.

The benefits are self-explanatory:-

  • Absolutely no need to replace any existing tarmac surface
  • Acts as a colour restorer to the tarmac
  • 'Re-invigorates' the look of the tarmac by restoring any lost resins
  • Speedy and relatively simple application process by roller
  • Binds any loose tarmac and stops 'fretting' (surface break up) 

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For more details of our tarmac restoration process please call 0800 988 0348 or 07949 051358 or fill in an online enquiry form.